2/2/72 Life in the Draft

The results of the Draft Lottery completely change a young college student’s plans. He must begin to deal with the draft and the military, not as subjects of a campus debate, but personal decisions and required actions. Beginning on that day in February, the next five years become a wild ride of events, trips, and activities. From a college campus in Colorado, the ride takes David to Europe and the Middle East. In the book, 2/2/72, David explores his new life, new friends, and new horizons.

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2/2/72 Life in the Draft

Dose of Lemonade

The boys are back. After a brush with death, and the death of  a man, Grandpa is determined to find who killed with lemonade. The second book in the Grandpa Mystery Series is a race to find the killer before he strikes again. Jimmy and Grandpa work hard, but dead ends threaten to end the search. Grandpa’s wild ideas lead to a twist in the case. Only then the police have a chance to chase after the well-hidden killer.

In Dose of Lemonade, Grandpa and Jimmy face a strange case. The police are stymied, the trail is cold. Driven to find the killer, Grandpa is the key to a solving the case.


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Jimmy rushes Grandpa Mayfield to the hospital, drugged at a local lemonade stand, Grandpa recovers, but another man dies. Jimmy and Grandpa overcome police objections and join the investigation. They work hard and talk to people from the neighborhood, the police follow leads, but there is no progress. Finally, Grandpa spots a flaw in their thinking, and sets Detective Garcia on a chase after the true killer.

Dose of Lemonade by [Williamson, David]

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They’re All Dead

They’re All Dead

First book in the Grandpa Mystery Series

Police Chief Saunders told students in Jimmy’s class about several old cases. Jimmy was pleased; at least this day he would have something interesting to tell Grandpa. At first, they enjoyed their talk, but when Jimmy mentioned the third case, the fun stopped. Jimmy did not know it, but he had opened the door to Grandpa’s secret past.

Grandpa was shocked, but to be true to what he had preached to his grandson, Grandpa had to face the police and his past. Jimmy and Grandpa go to see Chief Saunders, before the conversation is over they wonder if Grandpa’s knowledge of the people and events might warrant a new look at the cold case. Grandpa and Jimmy become convinced Grandpa’s knowledge will help with the old case, but it might be key to a new case. When dead bodies begin to show-up, the police are convinced.

The police investigate, but there is no clues except Grandpa’s memories of the people and events of the past. The case becomes a race to stop the new plans before disaster strikes.


They’re All Dead is the first volume in the Grandpa Mystery Series. Grandpa and Jimmy find themselves in case with more twists and turns than the road up Pikes Peak. Match wits with the boys as the case unfolds and they chase a memory comeback to life.

They're All Dead by [Williamson, David]

They’re All Dead is available on Amazon.com They’re All Dead

Frozen Cookie Inventor

Dorothy Ferguson was woman of amazing ideas and dreams, who overcame the obstacles of creating a new product, starting, and operating businesses.

Dorothy Ferguson, a grandmother from Greeley, Colorado, laid up with a broken leg and ankle, invented frozen cookie dough. Her Dottie’s Quickie Cookies, first available in one store in Greeley, Colorado, were soon available in 30,000 stores nationwide. She rose overnight to be a nationally known businessperson and media celebrity.

Happenings – Cookies and Calico

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I do the very best I know how—the very best I can; and I mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what is said against me won’t amount to anything.
If the end brings me out wrong, ten angels swearing I was right would make no difference.

Abraham Lincoln